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Bathroom Package

For those of you unable to meet in person you can now have a professional design created through this on-line offering.​


We start with a phone conversation to talk about you. We'll talk about your family, life style, the dreams you have for your new space, how you want it to feel, what kind of life you want to live in it.  

You will provide me detail dimensions and plenty of photos of the space. Inspiration photos will also be provided. It is helpful if you have a list of fixtures you plan on using as well.

You will receive a concept for the space for you to review which will include a floor plan and multiple 3D renderings. We will have another phone conversation to go over the details of the design and make any adjustments. This will lead to the completion of the final Design Bid Package. This information is for bid purposes only and is not intended to be used as construction or permit drawings. 


Your final package will include:
●    Dimensioned Floor Plan
●    Mechanical Plan
●    Cabinet Plan & Item List
●    Detailed Elevations

Package pricing is based on scope of the project and the number of concepts requested. 

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