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Favorite Kitchen Solutions

When redesigning your kitchen, the last thing we want is to have wasted space. This is even more true if your kitchen is small. Your space needs to be functional over all and having a place for everything helps with this. There are many great solutions out there that most cabinet lines offer. Here are 5 of my most asked for options.


This is probably the #1 item I get asked to place in the kitchen and for good reason. The days of a trash can out in the open or coming home and finding the dog has gone through it are over. I try to place this as close to the sink as possible. Usually on the opposite side of the sink from the dishwasher. Sometimes putting it near or adding a second can at the island prep area is best.


Tall, slender pullouts are great for storage and bringing the contents to you. A good use of these is when your refrigerator is up against a wall, keeping it from opening fully. Placing a narrow, 9"-12", pantry between the wall and the refrigerator provides enough space to open the refrigerator door beyond 90 degrees.


Almost every kitchen has a corner that needs to be dealt with. In older kitchens if you didn't have whats called "Blind Corner" cabinet you might of have a pole mounted Lazy Susan. Now most cabinet lines offer their Susans on a shelf. This is a much more stable accessory and if items fall off the tray they land on a shelf. Sometimes the math doesn't work out and the Blind Corner is your only option. BUT.... Now you have options. Two of the better ones are the Le Mans swing-out shelf or the Magic Corner Pullout. While they operate very differently they have about same surface space so you can't go wrong with either.


Some things should just be easy. Finding the right lid for your containers usually isn't. This insert is great for keeping containers & lids separated and organized. The adjustable dividers allow for all sizes to have their place.


This is my favorite accessory. use of those high deep spaces above the refrigerator or wall ovens. This organizer makes the most of these deep spaces where things get lost. Open the door and your favorite tray or serving dish is right there for you. No more rummaging through trays stacked on top of each other under the range or a bottom drawer.

We all know the best spaces to work in are the well-organized ones. Having your kitchen essentials exactly where you need them makes the work so much easier. Redesigning your space to function most efficiently is what I do. Let’s talk about what will work for you. Call today - 856-534-0888

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