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G-F-C - Pick 2

How many times have you read a post like this: "I need a recommendation for the best ______ around. I need them to them to come to me right now, and I want it as cheap as possible."

I think I've seen request like this more times than I can count.

Whether you're looking for a plumber, contractor, or cabinetry the fact is it's almost impossible to get Good-Fast-Cheap all in one. You can get 2, but you can't have ALL 3. If it's:

Good & Fast - it wont be Cheap

Cheap & Good - it wont be Fast

Fast & Cheap - it wont be Good

Take Cabinetry for example. If you're looking at cabinets that are a "great price" and you can get them in a week or so they are probably an import cabinet of the lowest quality materials with inferior finishes and poor construction methods. Sure they may be "plywood" but there are many levels of wood quality. What do you think these are made from?

Good-Fast-or Cheap: Pick 2 because you can't have all 3.

Comment below with examples you think this applies to?

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