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"You can start when?!"

You know the old saying "Good things come to those who wait"? It's no more truer than when it comes to a renovation. If you meet a contractor on Monday and he says he can start on Thursday, that may be a red flag. The better contractors are normally busy - which means you usually have to wait for them. The same can be said about the products you select. Cabinets that you can have in a week or are sitting on the shelf are typically a Chinese import. They are made with the lowest quality "solid wood" and have the least durable finishes. The plumbing fixtures sitting on the shelves at the big box stores or being bought online are typically made with more plastics and poorer finishes than the brass fixtures purchased from the specialty stores. Sure you're paying less for that faucet at first, but will be paying again later to have the plumber back out to fix them. If budget's issue it might be best to wait a little longer to save enough to purchase the better quality products and contractor.


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