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10 Things To Know
Before & During a Renovation

Even though there are many parts, pieces, and people to deal with during a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, you can still get through it with your nerves intact if you follow these helpful tips.

The best contractors are worth waiting for.

If you meet a contractor on Monday and he says he can start on Thursday, that may be a red flag. The better contractors are normally busy - which means you usually have 
to wait.


Good – Fast – Cheap.

Pick TWO because you can’t have all THREE 

  • Good & Cheap:  You’ll probably wait a while for him to get to you because he will be busy.

  • Fast & Cheap:  Don’t expect the craftsmanship to be that good.

  • Fast & Good:  He’s a professional; his quality comes at a premium price.

The best contractors stay busy with work from referrals.

Talk to your friends and neighbors to see who they’ve used. When you find one you like, visit the project they’re currently working on.  Here are two things to look for when you arrive:

  1. How clean is the site?

  2. Are their trucks organized?

Here are a few questions to ask the referral.

  1. Did they show up on time?

  2. Who supervised the sub-contractors?

  3. Did the project stay on schedule?

  4. Did the project stay on budget?

  5. How were change orders handled?

  6. Did the supervisor on the job communicate with you regularly?

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Bring a Kitchen and Bath Designer on board before you hire a contractor.

Bringing a Designer on board in the initial planning stage will set your project up for success, save you time, and, most importantly, save you money. Seasoned Designers will point out potential problems that your contractor may miss and show you options that offer the most bang for the buck. The K&B plan should include a list of cabinet parts and other necessary items required to complete the remodel. Having this information at the start will ensure that you get sound and accurate proposals from each supplier and contractor.

If your remodeling plans require an architect, you may want to see the Kitchen and Bath Designer first.

While your Kitchen Designer may not be an architect (and architects are not necessarily Kitchen Designers), the information and drawings your Designer provides can be used as a guide for the architect. Since your Designer has addressed window and door locations for your dream kitchen, the architect can now engineer his plan around it to ensure it works with your existing structure. This type of advanced planning will save you time and money.

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Let the contractors do their job.

Yes, you’re paying a lot of money. Yes, it’s your house. But they have a job to do, and they won’t perform at their best if you are a micro-manager. If you see something that concerns you, make a note and get with the contractor during a break and let him know. Often, what appears to be a mistake is simply a task that hasn’t been completed. Professionals are not going to leave you with a mess!

Be a friend to the crew.

Say hello to everyone in the morning. Compliment them on the great job they are doing. Consider bringing coffee and donuts occasionally or order lunch for the crew. Small gestures go a long way and a happy crew will go out of their way to please you.

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Something ALWAYS goes wrong

We’re all human. People make mistakes, parts come in wrong, or dozens of other things can happen. The best contractors worry about blame later and resolve the issues quickly and painlessly. 


Remember to breathe.

Now may be a good time to take up meditation!


Remodeling can be very stressful; it throws the whole home into chaos.

Don’t forget - you’ve taken on this remodeling project to make your home a better place for you and your family. Approach the project with the end in mind: your taking space that is currently not working in your home and creating a beautiful, high-functioning, and alluring space to enjoy for many years to come. It will be worth it in the end.

Do you want exclusive Kitchen & Bath Shopping list, click the button below to see the lists.

 These will help you keep track of the products you’ve selected and where you intend to buy them. You should share this with your designer after it’s filled out, so they can design your space accordingly.

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